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Skilled Hilo Car Accident Attorneys Seek Full Compensation for Victims

Established lawyers represent clients under Hawaii’s no-fault laws

Car accidents come out of nowhere, frequently leaving drivers reeling from the event and often seriously injured. In Hawaii, one of the rare no-fault insurance states, it’s important to engage a skilled and compassionate lawyer right away if you’ve been in an auto accident. At the Law Offices of Brian J. DeLima, in Hilo, we represent clients in car accident matters across the Big Island. With years of collective knowledge and experience, our lawyers have a strong track record in car accident claims, settlements and lawsuits.

Guiding clients through car accident claims

Our firm is dedicated to protecting clients’ rights under the state’s car insurance laws. We swiftly assess your situation and fight relentlessly to obtain what you are entitled to, ensuring you understand the relevant issues:

  • No-fault insurance Hawaii is a no-fault car insurance state, which means that you must first seek compensation for medical expenses, property damage or lost income from your own insurance provider. If damages exceed your policy limits, you can go after the other driver or their insurer. For serious or permanent injuries, it’s possible to file a claim or lawsuit for damages against the other driver, limited by your comparative fault. Our firm can evaluate your car accident and discuss the best options for your situation.
  • Medical expenses — Burdensome medical bills are a key component of most car accident claims. Expenses may be as minor as the cost of a doctor’s exam for a bruised arm or as extensive as charges for an ambulance, hospital stay and ongoing cognitive and occupational therapy for a brain injury. Your lawyer at the Law Offices of Brian J. DeLima can help you estimate the immediate and long-term medical costs you’ll want to claim, based on established practices and your medical provider’s information.
  • Lost wages — Car accident injuries often impact an individual’s ability to earn a living. Even minor injuries such as whiplash or a broken arm can keep people out of a job for several months. More serious and long-lasting injuries such as head or spinal trauma require intricate future earnings estimates to arrive at compensation for the loss of an entire career. Our firm assists clients in calculating current and future lost wages to make sure you obtain the ultimate compensation you and your family deserve.
  • Filing claims or lawsuits It’s important to understand when and where to report car accidents to preserve your rights. In Hawaii, you must take legal action for damages or injuries within two years of your car accident. If you’re involved in a crash involving injury or death or if total property damage appears to exceed $3,000, you must immediately report the accident to the police. We advise clients on filing and reporting requirements to protect legal claims and rights.

To have the best chance at recovering full compensation for your accident, you need an attorney who understands insurance company tactics and can press for a fair resolution to your claim. We offer a free consultation so you can understand what’s involved with your case, and we can recommend strategies for a favorable outcome.

Lawyers battle for clients’ rights to sue after a car crash on Hawaii

You have a right to be compensated for the full extent of the harm you’ve suffered in your car accident. If your losses exceed your insurance coverage, we can file suit against the other driver’s insurer, seeking damages for medical expenses, lost wages, property loss, and pain and suffering. Under comparative fault rules, your damage recovery can be reduced if you bear some fault for the accident. As your advocates, we strongly oppose any allocation of fault to you, maximizing your potential compensation. While we battle on your behalf, we take care to discuss your accident, injuries and rehabilitation with sensitivity, minimizing your discomfort in re-living the traumatic event.

Contact knowledgeable Hilo car accident lawyers for a free consultation

Hawaii’s no-fault car accident laws can be hard to understand without a skilled legal adviser. Contact the Law Offices of Brian J. DeLima right away after an accident so we can help you preserve your rights and assess what legal actions are necessary to get you the full compensation you deserve. Please call our Hilo office at 833-664-6245 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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